Palestinian Ostracized for Auschwitz Visit

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The full text of this week's commentary follows:

Mohammed Dajani was a professor at a Palestinian university.

In March, he took 27 students to visit Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi death camp.

The program was organized jointly with German and Israeli universities.

Meanwhile, a group of Israeli students met with Palestinians to learn about their lives.

The goal was to overcome barriers and promote mutual understanding.

On the Israeli side, all went as planned.

But on the Palestinian side, it didn’t.

After the trip to Auschwitz, the professor faced a months-long campaign of death threats and campus riots at his Palestinian university.

He was accused of teaching his students “big lies and fabrications such as the Holocaust…”

To his critics, he replied: “I put my job on the line to expose the double-talk we live.”

Professor Dajani has now left the university, unable to teach there any longer in such a threatening climate.

How sad and, yes, how revealing.

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