Ukrainians Have Right to Choose Their Destiny

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The full text of this week's commentary follows:

What just happened in Ukraine is nothing short of historic.

In the midst of winter, crowds took to the streets day after day, month after month, to protest against a corrupt government indifferent to the will of the people.

At first, it seemed like an exercise in total futility, but the demonstrations gained momentum.

And, ultimately, the Ukrainian president was compelled to leave office.

Why does all this matter?

Because 46 million Ukrainians have the right to live freely and choose their own destiny.

If the vast majority want to look to the West rather than Moscow, that should be up to them, and not decided by others.

History has been made, but history isn’t over. Political, economic and social challenges galore remain for Ukraine, a nation the size of France.

Now that the country has made its courageous choice, it’s also up to America and Europe to stand with Ukraine, both today and, no less importantly, tomorrow.

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