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Salah Choudhury may not be a household name

He should be.

Choudhury is a journalist from Bangladesh. He edits a paper there.

He’s been the target of violence and death threats.

And now he’s been sentenced to seven years in prison.

His crime?

In 2003, he wanted to visit Israel to attend a conference on coexistence. In Bangladesh, that can land you in jail.

Moreover, he’s written about the importance of understanding Israel, not vilifying it.

And he’s appealed for Muslim-Jewish cooperation. But that, too, is an unwelcome message, it seems, to the Bangladeshi authorities.

When AJC awarded Choudhury our Moral Courage Award, his government wouldn’t let him come to Washington to accept it.

Shame on Bangladesh for now sending this courageous journalist to prison!

Bangladesh counts on our silence and indifference to one man’s fate.

Join us in standing up for Salah Choudhury. He deserves our support.

Help by taking action online at

This is David Harris of AJC.


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