What New "Moderate" Iran President Should Do

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The full text of this week's commentary follows:

Iran has a new president-elect.

He’s being described in the media as a moderate.


Only time will tell.

Two things to remember.

First, the ruling mullahs in Iran had to give their okay for all presidential candidates.

Anyone who didn’t pass muster ideologically was barred from running.

Second, to American ears, the title “president” sounds powerful.

But in Iran, it’s more of a ceremonial position.

The real power is with the Supreme Leader and his entourage.

But if the new president can wield any influence, here are a few places he might start:

End Iran’s quest for nuclear-weapons capability.

Halt Iran’s support for Hezbollah and other international terrorist groups.

Cease Iran’s role in Assad’s murderous campaign against the Syrian people.

And stop Iran’s appalling human rights violations of its own citizens.

Then we’ll know the new president really is the moderate we all hope him to be.

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