Ford Foundation Renews Grant to AJC for Latino-Jewish Relations, Immigration Advocacy

January 9, 2012 – New York -- For the third year in a row, AJC has been awarded a $500,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to strengthen Latino-Jewish relations and create momentum for substantive immigration reform, two key domestic priorities for AJC.

“The Ford Foundation’s renewed commitment to AJC’s Bridging America Project is testimony to the impact our innovative program is making nationally and regionally,” said Ann Schaffer, director of AJC’s Belfer Center for American Pluralism. “By strengthening relations with Latinos and other key stakeholders, we are reminded of why a majority of Americans support much-needed immigration reform measures.” 

AJC’s Bridging America Project has created a national network of business leaders, law enforcement officials, clergy, elected officials and other stakeholders who want to use their leadership positions to broaden support for immigration reform. AJC’s Immigration Summit, convened last June in Washington, D.C., brought together more than 100 stakeholders representing 13 states to discuss key issues and challenges with policy experts, advocates and government officials.

In addition to deepening relations between the various immigration reform stakeholders, AJC’s Bridging America Project plans to launch a media campaign in several key states to debunk myths about immigrants and promote support for reform measures.

“The Ford Foundation’s ongoing support ensures that AJC will solidify and expand its outreach to Latino communities across the country and find opportunities for shared advocacy on public policies of mutual concern,” said Schaffer.

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