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"Global March to Jerusalem": If it’s not about Israel, it's not about us
David Harris in The Jerusalem Post and The Huffington Post
Date: 3/18/2012

Syrians Pay With Their Lives As Diplomatic Deadlock Continues
Kenneth Bandler on FOXnews.com
Date: 3/15/2012

The Economist and Its "Auschwitz Complex"
Daniel Schwammenthal in The Commentator
Date: 3/14/2012

Ethiopian Jewry: The half-full glass
Ed Rettig in The Times of Israel
Date: 3/12/2012

On Iran, U.S.-Israeli Unity
Buzz Warren in The Record
Date: 3/12/2012

U.S., Israel cooperate in face of Iran threat
Lee C. Shapiro in Cleveland Plain Dealer
Date: 3/10/2012

Avi Shlaim's Anti-Israel Slime
David Harris in The Jerusalem Post
Date: 3/6/2012

Considering Options On Iran
David Harris in New York Times
Date: 3/6/2012

The U.S., Israel and Iran Nuclear Threat
VOA radio interviews David Harris
Date: 3/6/2012

True Threat to Israel is a Nuclear Iran
David Harris in Financial Times
Date: 3/6/2012

A Nuclear Iran Is Not Just Israel's Concern
Kenneth Bandler on FOXnews.com
Date: 3/4/2012

Leave Enough Alone on School Prayer
Brian Lipton in Gainesville Sun
Date: 3/2/2012

Mazel Tov, Cardinal Dolan
Noam Marans in New Jersey Jewish News
Date: 2/29/2012

Official Anti-Semitism Subverts Democracy in Venezuela
Dina Siegel Vann in The Huffington Post
Date: 2/28/2012

True Peace is Hard to Find
David Harris in Foreign Affairs
Date: 2/27/2012

Remembering Anthony Shadid
Kenneth Bandler in The Jerusalem Post
Date: 2/20/2012

NY Jews in Rome to Pay Tribute
Noam Marans in New York Post
Date: 2/18/2012

India Can Seek Oil Elsewhere
David Harris in The Hindu
Date: 2/16/2012

Containment Won't Work Against Iran
Daniel Schwammenthal in the Wall Street Journal
Date: 2/15/2012

Cyprus and Israel: Build slowly and solid
Ed Rettig in The Times of Israel
Date: 2/15/2012

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