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AJC Applauds Senate Passage of Comprehensive Energy Bill
Date: 12/14/2007

AJC Applauds House Passage of Comprehensive Energy Bill
Date: 12/6/2007

AJC Energy Letter in International Herald Tribune
Date: 10/7/2007

AJC Radio Message: Changing Energy Habits
Date: 8/28/2007

AJC Radio Message: Urge House to Pass Energy Bill
Date: 7/30/2007

AJC Applauds Senate Comprehensive Energy Bill, Urges House Action
Date: 6/22/2007

AJC Radio Message: Energy Security Means National Security
Date: 6/11/2007

AJC head tackles issues surrounding Russia, Rosenfeld paper, energy, U.N.
Date: 5/9/2007

Former CIA Director Champions Secure, Clean Alternatives to Foreign Oil
Date: 5/2/2007

AJC Urges White House, Congress to Find Common Ground on Energy Security
Date: 1/23/2007

AJC Radio Message: Vote for Energy Independence
Date: 10/17/2006

AJC Releases Newly-Updated Study, Over a Barrel, on Energy Crisis
Date: 10/16/2006

AJC Radio Message: Hostile Oil Nations Hold U.S. Over a Barrel
Date: 9/26/2006

AJC Joins Set America Free Coalition to Achieve Energy Independence
Date: 2/9/2006

AJC Radio Message: Oil Addiction Threatens National Security
Date: 1/24/2006

AJC Radio Message: Imported Oil Threatens National Security
Date: 7/5/2005

AJC Radio Message: Dependence of Middle East Oil Endangers National Security
Date: 4/12/2005

AJC Radio Commentary: America's Insane Energy Policy
Date: 5/24/2004

AJC Lauds Bush on State of Union Messages on Terrorism, Energy Independence
Date: 3/7/2003

AJC On the Air: The Time for Energy Independence
Date: 1/7/2003

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