Iran OP-ED Articles

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U.S., Israel cooperate in face of Iran threat
Lee C. Shapiro in Cleveland Plain Dealer

Containment Won't Work Against Iran
Daniel Schwammenthal in the Wall Street Journal

A nuclear Iran would put us over a barrel
Wendy Rosen in Seattle Times

Stopping Iran at the Pump
Dan Elbaum in the Chicago Tribune

Iran Human Rights Under Scrutiny Worldwide
Rachel Miller in The Palm Beach Post

Bring More Pressure on Dangerous Iran
Kim J. Pimley in Trenton Times

Time for America to Raise the Pressure on Iran
Randall Czarlinsky in Houston Chronicle

Raising the Pressure Over Iran's Nuclear Drive
Brian Siegal in Miami Herald

AJC Director Urges Hard Sanctions Against Iran
David Harris on NPR

Is Israel the Only Key to Preventing Iran From Getting a Nuclear Weapon?
Kenneth Bandler on

Why Iran Can't Be Trusted
David Harris in The Moscow Times

Poor, Misunderstood Iran!
David Harris in The Jerusalem Post and The Huffington Post

Iran Is Building Bomb That Has Every Nation's Name On It
Dan Elbaum in Chicago Sun-Times

Iran's nuclear plans must be deterred
Brian D. Lipton in Herald-Tribune

Ahmadinejad's September Ritual
Kenneth Bandler in The Jerusalem Post

Thank you, President Ahmadinejad
Kenneth Bandler on The Jerusalem Post

Don’t Give Iran’s Ahmadinejad Access to U.S. Airwaves
Kenneth Bandler on

To the Free Gaza Movement
June 6, 2010

Build Support to Condemn Iran
Miami Herald

Strutting from Tehran to Damascus, from Beirut to Gaza
June 1, 2010

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