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AJC Dispatch 5/8/2015 A New Government in Israel, Fighting Hate in Europe, and more...

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"If necessary, Jews will leave. But where will Europe go?"
—AJC Executive Director David Harris, at this week's AJC Strategy Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, held in Brussels, Belgium.


By the Slimmest of Margins
The Times of Israel / 4-minute read
With only 90 minutes left before his midnight deadline on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to a deal that brought the Jewish Home party into a coalition consisting of Netanyahu's Likud, Kulanu, Shas, and United Torah Judaism. The decidedly right-wing coalition is made up of 61 out of the Knesset's 120 members, meaning that each of the constituent parties, indeed every single member of the government, has the leverage to bring down the coalition. Naftali Bennett, the leader of Jewish Home, was the first to take advantage of this dynamic, insisting on three ministerial portfolios and several other powerful government positions even though his party has only 8 seats. Read more

A Defining Moment for Europe
AJC / 7-minute read
Our May 5 conference, A Defining Moment for Europe: AJC Strategy Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, was a rousing success. In Brussels, Belgium, we convened a colloquium for members of the European Parliament, ambassadors, intellectuals, community leaders, and prominent members of national governments across Europe. The event was far more than an academic exercise. Sessions on security needs, interreligious partnerships, and new threats proved invaluable for the leaders assembled, and the conference issued a Call to Action, AJC's strategic plan to fight European anti-Semitism. Read it, and show your support, here.

North Korea as a Model for Nuclear Consternation
Politico / 7-minute read
In this analysis of North Korea's ongoing nuclear program we get a frightening glimpse of what containment of a nuclear Iran may one day look like. Despite apparent best efforts to keep North Korea from developing nuclear weapons, successive U.S. administrations have failed to bring that country in line with the concept of global non-proliferation. The Hermit Kingdom's nuclear capability gives it a significant power of deterrence, making it possible for the North Koreans to carry out cyberattacks against the U.S.—like the one against Sony Pictures—with relative impunity. Iran must not be allowed to follow suit. Read more

Good to know

Willful Blindness
Newsweek / 3-minute read
Israel's critics have chosen to be willfully blind—or worse—to the Jewish State's relief efforts in Nepal in the aftermath of last month's earthquake. While Israel was deploying more relief workers there than any other country, Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch—a once-noble rights watchdog now so virulently anti-Israel that even its founder has disowned and condemned it publicly—was tweeting about Gaza, castigating Israel for the presumption of helping to save Nepalese lives while Palestinians suffer. Unmentioned in Roth's tweet was Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza and the party primarily responsible for the misery of the Palestinians living in the Strip. Read more

The Worst that Britain has to Offer
Politico / 8-minute read
In perhaps the most anti-Semitic parliamentary district in the United Kingdom—Bradford West—George Galloway has served for years as an MP by taking advantage of the rigid family structure and clannishness of the Pakistani immigrant population. His appeal was due in large part to his rabid anti-Israel positions. He recently declared Bradford West, in Northern Britain, an "Israel-free zone," encouraging a full boycott. At the climax of the UK's election season, Ben Judah, a Jewish reporter for Politico, ventured into Galloway's anti-Semitic enclave and was met with rabid, violent anti-Semitism. Galloway received his comeuppance this week, losing to the Labour candidate Naz Shah. Read more

BDS Fails at Bowdoin
Legal Insurrection blog / 4-minute read
As the movement to Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction Israel (BDS) builds at campuses across the country (with the debates expected to resume in the fall), it is refreshing to see a student body steadfastly refuse to condemn Israel for crimes it hasn't committed. That's precisely what happened at Bowdoin College in Maine. An anti-Israel referendum at the top-notch liberal arts college was defeated 71% to 14%, dealing a crushing blow to those students and outside organizations working to slander the Jewish State. Read more

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Date: 5/7/2015
3 Things Europe Can Do to Protect Its Jews Right Now

By Rabbi Andrew Baker, AJC Director of International Jewish Affairs

During AJC’s Strategy Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism, held May 4-5 in Brussels, AJC’s Andrew Baker along with European officials discussed how Europe coud best protect its Jews.  Below, Baker provides three key steps that Europe can take right now to protect its Jewish population.  To read and sign your name to AJC's Call to Action, which was presented at the conclusion of the conference, click here.

1. Recognize that Jews and Jewish Institutions are special targets

Before the Paris and Copenhagen attacks, many European governments were reluctant to acknowledge that Jews face a special threat. Last fall, in fact, Danish authorities told me they took a “relaxed approach” to security and rebuffed the Jewish community’s request to station police in front of the school and the synagogue. They said Danish citizens would feel uncomfortable seeing armed guards in front of buildings. In Brussels, despite the attack on the Jewish Museum a year ago, authorities did very little to increase security at other Jewish institutions. Even after the killing of four people at the kosher market in Paris this past January 9, some governments went through verbal contortions to avoid labeling the act for what it was—an anti-Semitic attack on Jews. For example, the Austrian Government described it as, “people of various confessions who had the misfortune of being in the...

Date: 4/30/2015
What Prime Minister Abe’s Trip to the U.S. Has to Do with the Japanese Schindler

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is visiting the United States this week to celebrate the strong alliance that has developed between the U.S. and Japan over the seventy years since the end of World War II. Much of the media attention has thus far focused on economic cooperation between the two countries – specifically, the ongoing TransPacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, the announcement of a new military cooperation plan with the U.S., and Abe’s historic address to both Houses of Congress.

The day before the address to Congress, Prime Minister Abe visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, where he hailed a rare hero of Japan's brutal World War II experience. As he toured the museum he proclaimed, "As a Japanese citizen I feel extremely proud of Mr. Sugihara's achievement.”

Who is Sugihara?

Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who served as an Imperial Consul for the Empire of Japan in Lithuania during WWII, helped some 6,000 Jews escape German-occupied Poland and Lithuania. Defying orders from the Japanese government, Sugihara, often referred to as the...

Date: 4/29/2015
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