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AJC Dispatch 3/11/2016 Iran's Defiance Continues, Polling in Israel, and more...

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“The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts... They’re targeting innocent civilians, mothers, pregnant women, teenagers, grandfathers, American citizens. There can be no justification for this hateful violence.”
Vice President Joe Biden, condemning the ongoing spate of unchecked Palestinian terror attacks, which claimed the life of a young American student this week.


Iran’s Defiance Continues
Euronews / 2-minute read
Iran carried out long-range ballistic missile tests on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, in defiance of UN sanctions against continued development of the weapons. One of the missiles fired on Wednesday reportedly featured an inscription, in Hebrew, saying, “Israel must be wiped out.” In case that didn’t make plain Iran’s intentions, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh was quoted as saying, “The reason we designed our missiles with a range of 2,000 kilometers is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime from a safe distance.” Read more

Polling in Israel
The Jewish Journal / 10-minute read
Sensationalist headlines blared this week about an alleged newly discovered desire on the part of a near-majority of Israelis to expel Arabs from the country. While Jewish-Arab relations in Israel are certainly fraught right now, that particular statistic, a touted finding of the just-released Pew report on “Israel’s Religiously Divided Society,” is likely overblown, the result of a poorly-formulated question. Beyond these headlines, however, there are many other interesting things in the report. Read more

The Left’s Tolerance for Intolerance
The New York Times / 3-minute read
While anti-Semitism is often thought of as the purview of the far-right—European ultra-nationalists, Nazis, the KKK—Roger Cohen makes a compelling case that the left, too, despite its self-perception as tolerant and universalist, is not immune to Jew-hatred. "The zeitgeist on campuses these days, on both sides of the Atlantic, is one of identity and liberation politics. Jews, of course, are a minority, but through a fashionable cultural prism they are seen as the minority that isn’t — that is to say white, privileged and identified with an 'imperialist-colonialist' state, Israel. They are the anti-victims in a prevalent culture of victimhood; Jews, it seems, are the sole historical victim whose claim is dubious." Read more

Good to know

Better Know a President
The Atlantic / 60-minute read
Benefitting from unprecedented access, journalist Jeffrey Goldberg has written the definitive take on “The Obama Doctrine.” While this president has often been judged by his actions or inactions in the Middle East and North Africa—calling for Mubarak’s ouster, intervening in Libya, not intervening in Syria, the ongoing dance with Israel, the Iran deal—he reveals to Goldberg that he’d much rather focus elsewhere. “In Asia, as well as in Latin America and Africa, Obama says, he sees young people yearning for self-improvement, modernity, education, and material wealth. ‘They are not thinking about how to kill Americans,’ he says. ‘What they’re thinking about is How do I get a better education? How do I create something of value?’” Read more

Israel and Japan Draw Closer
Knowledge@Wharton Blog / 7-minute read
Japan recognized Israel in 1952… and that was pretty much the high point of their correct but cool relationship for the next several decades. Now, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe moves to reorient his country’s foreign policy, Israel and Japan are drawing closer together than ever before, opening up promising new markets and opportunities for collaboration across numerous industries in the two intrepid societies. Read more

Anti-Semitism in Uruguay
JTA / 2-minute read
“I killed a Jew following Allah’s order,” declared the 35-year-old assailant who, imbued with Islamic fanaticism, murdered a leader of the Jewish community in the Uruguayan town of Paysandu this week. Uruguay’s 12,000 Jews have lived relatively unmolested, but South America on the whole has experienced a rise in anti-Semitism, and this brutal murder triggers a new feeling of insecurity. Read more

Date: 3/11/2016
5 Things to Know about U.S. Military Aid to Israel

A recent Gallup poll found that “Americans’ views toward Israel remain firmly positive.” It’s no wonder, then, that Americans, and the representatives we send to Washington, choose to send military aid to Israel. This aid is based on a 10-year agreement called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed in 2007. As the last year of the MOU approaches, the U.S. and Israel are currently hammering out details of a new agreement.

Here’s what you need to know...

Date: 3/10/2016
A Game-Changer in German-Israeli Relations


As failed and failing Middle East states deposit ever greater numbers of refugees on Europe’s doorstep, the distance between Europe and Israel seems to shrink with each passing week...
Date: 2/18/2016
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