UN Watch Executive Director “Victimized” on Massachusetts Visit

November 5, 2007 – New York – UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer was the unfortunate victim of a profound mistake when he was arrested in Needham, Massachusetts on Friday afternoon. All charges against him have been dropped. UN Watch is the Geneva affiliate of the American Jewish Committee.

Norfolk District Court Clerk Magistrate Salvatore Paterna dismissed the charges against Neuer, saying he reviewed police reports and found no probable cause to go forward.

Following the court ruling this morning, David G. Eisenstadt, Neuer’s attorney, issued the following statement:

“In a highly unusual move the Clerk Magistrate and the Judge have determined that even the low standard of probable cause was not met in the arrest of my client. This clearly shows that Hillel Neuer was innocent and victimized in this matter.

“This was a unique and confusing and unusual situation in the town of Needham, Massachusetts.

“Mr. Neuer was an innocent man who went to a restaurant in Needham, and was traumatized and almost killed as a result. His impeccable reputation was unfairly tarnished by these events. We are pleased that this injustice has been resolved and Mr. Neuer can rest easy as he continues his visit to the United States.

“Mr. Neuer is an internationally recognized leading human rights advocate. As executive director of UN Watch, the Geneva affiliate of the American Jewish Committee, he regularly visits the U.S. to meet with AJC and UN Watch supporters, to do public speaking and other activities to advance human rights.

“The day before he came to Needham Mr. Neuer released a new report on anti-Semitism at the UN at a New York luncheon that was covered by media who follow closely the important work of UN Watch.

“Why certain individuals in Needham acted in a reckless manner requires further examination. For now we hope that those responsible for the harassment of Mr. Neuer, who, by the way, called 911 twice, will pause to evaluate their actions.

“Mr. Neuer is grateful that the series of unfortunate events that befell him transpired in a community where he does have friends who were able to respond helpfully to his unanticipated and difficult situation where he was victimized. Amid the confusion there was no justification to charge Mr. Neuer with anything.”

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