Vote for Energy Independence

David A. Harris

Vote for Energy Independence
David A. Harris
Executive Director, American Jewish Committee
Week of October 16, 2006

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In recent days, there's been some encouraging news.

President Bush said: "We're too dependent on oil...I welcome the low gasoline prices, however it's not going to dim my enthusiasm for making sure we diversify away from oil."

Meanwhile, a new national poll, taken by a Democratic Party group, revealed that the top national security concern is reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil.

For those who've long felt this issue should unite all Americans, the news is welcome.

And now we have the chance to take the next step.

Elections are just around the corner.

This is the time to tell candidates for office that we expect action-and fast.

For thirty years, our political leaders talked about doing something on energy, but, frankly, talk outpaced action. It's high time for the action to catch up. Our national security hangs in the balance.

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This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 10/16/2006
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