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Stand up for a Safe and Secure Israel: Tell Congress that Foreign Assistance is necessary now more than ever

Tell your member of Congress that Foreign Assistance is necessary now more than ever.

The world was recently reminded of the vulnerability of the safety and security of Israel. In the past few weeks, hundreds of rockets poured onto Israeli cities and towns, air raid sirens were sounded, and Israelis had flashbacks of the last intifada as a Tel Avis bus was hit by a terror attack. The Iron Dome missile-defense system, which the U.S. has helped fund and support, was critical in defending the Jewish state and saving countless lives. However, as the United States faces daunting fiscal decisions in the coming weeks, even current modest levels of foreign assistance may come under review.

In addition to supporting Israel, foreign assistance funding helps defend and assert American strategic interests around the globe, including a strong and secure Israel. This funding ensures the "smart power" tools of diplomacy and development that are essential to safeguarding U.S. national interests and addressing global challenges.

As the nation faces daunting fiscal challenges in the coming weeks, urge your member of Congress to maintain a robust program of foreign aid, both for Israel and on a global basis.

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